Blossom Mirror for Baker Furniture from Thomas Pheasant

  • July 20, 2012

Blossom MirrorAn amazing piece of jewelry for the home, the Blossom Mirror introduces the new collection for Baker Furniture by Thomas Pheasant. The Blossom Mirror is based on an Art Deco Design and with a kimono inspiration. Thomas Pheasant views his work with the motto: “Every room deserves a piece of jewelry”. The Bronze frame mirror includes 18 blossoms of crystal includes more than 100 welds to build the five-sided sculpture. This large and defining piece creates a big first impression and gives definition to the entire home. Melding together organic concepts with bronze and crystal creating a dramatic presence.

Thomas Pheasant Collection Gallery

“Every room deserves a piece of jewelry”

Baker Furniture with Thomas Pheasant provides design with modern elegance and includes quality, comfortable, and luxurious interiors. According to Thomas Pheasant, “there is no substiture for the human hand in the process of creating.” With the addition of quality details like the Blossom Mirror, Thomas Pheasant and Baker Furniture offer a collection that evokes quality and craftsmanship, as well as a connection to history.

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