Ann Gish Bedding available in Grand Rapids

  • September 15, 2012

Ann Gish Bedding in Grand RapidsIf you are looking to add some lush comfort to your bedroom consider adding Ann Gish bedding to your world. Known for creating fine silk bedding in a contemporary design with incredible detail and construction, Ann Gish is the perfect addition to the showroom at Portobello Road in Grand Rapids.

Ann Gish, the person, is known as an interior designer, television and radio producer, and a chef. This is in addition to always being known as a creative person for years. Born in New York City, Ann has experienced living in France and London, as well as Barbados. Ann Gish Bedding is an extension of the style of the person and is always made to the finest form, with additional focus on function.

Ann Gish Bedding, The Perfect Silk Choice

Ann Gish Bedding Grand RapidsThe collections of Ann Gish Bedding consist of the finest of silks to a machine washable line called, “Ready-to-Bed”. The patterns of Ann Gish bedding include bright images, subtle tones and many with a hand painted look. Fine silk bedding is something everyone would choose, and with the addition of beautiful designs and art, Ann Gish Bedding is a perfect choice.

Not everyone can go to the Ann Gish Bedding store in NYC, so we at Portobello Road are excited to offer a hands-on opportunity to see and touch this luxurious bedding in person. Lets face it, having a mattress that fits your needs is only the beginning. The proper bedding providing the best feel next to your skin is huge. Additionally, Ann Gish bedding adds refined feel and atmosphere to the room. Adding color and art to the experience of the most personal room in your home is important and choosing the right bedding is key.

At Portobello Road, we intend to provide the finest of choices to complete a house and make it your home. Visit our showroom and see many fine lines of furnishings in person.

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